Support is most important in life! As we need the support of family, friends or associates in the business, so it is imperative that you have good and secure support from the company that will completely take care of the digital life of your business.
Changing hosting providers can be a tedious job and usually a problem, but sometimes it is necessary to do to your site and business breathed new life!
This is why we made sure that you switch to full hosting account, or files, databases and scripts website.
  1. you will retain the same settings
  2. website will be functioning smoothly all the time migration


What is support and why is it important?

Support is important so that you do not have to worry about the visibility and functionality of the website, since we are here for you! Our servers are under surveillance 24 hours. We provide support only through the official mail address or via the ticket system.
Support for site maintenance, hosting and internet marketing support we do not provide telephone for security users, as well as records of our works. Any request for control of the server or certain of its functions, as well as any request for changes (updating) web site or internet ads must have a written trace in the form of your request. So support for hosting, internet marketing or web update we provide exclusively via the ticket system or email. Your questions will be quickly reviewed, a response can be expected on weekdays from 9am - 5pm! The answer you get as soon as possible.


What is one of the free hosting support?

  • Non working email/webmail
  • Non working SQL
  • Wbsite is not visible
  • Suport for domain (only for purchased domain or domain that was transferred to us)
  • Features of a cPanel
  • Restore from backup
  • Installation of CMS
  • Free migration
  • Changing of the main domaing

What is not included in free hosting support?

  • CMS login information that do not work or that you have forgot about them
  • Errors that appear on the website
  • Setting the scripts to send email or email configuration settings on the local computer
  • Opening additional mail address
  • Cleaning of the virus / malware code
  • Setting .htaccess file
  • Widget does not work within the CMS
  • Setting a Cron Job
Updating website is simple and easy! Regardless of the easy website update, if you do not have time or you are not in possibility to be able to independently perform the update, we have provided personal service support!


What is one of the free web update?

  • You do not receive question mail from website
  • Addition that we installed doesn't work
  • Theme (design of website) does not open as it supposed to
  • Website is working slowly
  • Some functions in the online shop does not work as expected
  • We have not set a correct location of the map on the contact page
  • Shutting down particular options, or change of positions (if theme site permits)
  • Optimizing Database

Free update applies only to sites created by our team of professionals!


What does not belong to free web update?

  • Writing, translating and typing texts or correction of spelling and grammar errors
  • Photo editing for web format, retouching or scan
  • Video editing (trim, editing, uploading to YouTube channel)
  • Creating a new banner, rotator or change site design and logo
  • Setting up a banner for sharing and linking to other sites
  • Work on additional optimization of the website
  • Adding new pages or amendments to the existing
  • Widget that you install does not work within the CMS
  • Entering new products in the online shop
  • Entering and creating of new galleries or addition of existing
  • Configuration of Newsletter (new subscriber groups or design of newsletter)



Keeping and updating Google AdWords account!

Keeping and updating Google AdWords account is an exclusive competence of the company WSD SISTEM DOO!
Any changes to the order as part of compensation for maintaining and managing accounts that are invoiced separately. The changes relating to the creation of video advertising (video) or changes related to the specific design of the banner does not fall within the scope of regular maintenance task, and would be especially charged! As part of the fees for running, maintaining and updating means:
  • Monitoring of the campaign
  • Creating a new text ad
  • Modification of keywords
  • Modification of targeting options
  • Create reports and analyze ad performance
  • Supervision over terms of search
  • Supervision over destination placements
  • Supervision over destination placement video ads
  • Supervision over the demographic structure
  • Analysis of the impact of the ads relative to competition and target groups
  • Measurement of Conversion

Video ads or banners you provide will also publish and monitor their performance as part of compensation for the management and maintenance of accounts!


Personal support 

We provided the personal service and support for you, which, at your request can perform actions that do not fall within the scope of regular support

  • Opening up to 15 email accounts with the submission of the list of desired orders - 10 €
  • Adding new pages or corrections to the existing € 12.5 / page
  • Cleaning of antivirus and malware 30 € / hour
  • Upgrade existing CMS presentation - € 20
  • Creating a backup-web presentations at client's request - 10 €
  • Setting up Google Analytics on a client's request - 20 €
  • Making animated banners, gif, html5 - 25 € / hour
  • Photo editing for web format € 0.50 / image
  • Scanning and processing photos to web format from € 2 / image
  • Creating, shortening or uploading video content to YouTube - price agreement
  • Entry of items in your store from 0.50 € / product
  • Copyright or writing texts - price agreement
  • Additional SEO - price agreement
-All other changes are charged per hour in value - 40 € / working hour (minimum interval of calculating personal support work is 15 minutes)