Hosting and domains

Professional web presentation requires a quality hosting account to your web site to function properly and smoothly. High quality hosting is very important, and for this reason our company has leased servers in the most advanced data center in France that are intended only for the companies that we have created a website.

Our servers are completely stable, the traffic on the server is as we have said is intended only for the clients that we have created a website, so there is no burden of carrying Shared Hosting accounts that can be purchased through internet providers in Serbia…

  • servers are optimized according to the needs of our customers and use linux platform
  • all clients have created a premium hosting account
  • servers are located in the USA, Houston
  • CentOS Linux (64-bit to 32-bit compatible)
  • cPanel hosting and access to email accounts
  • full technical support and complete account of: MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python (Django), Ruby (on Rails), FFMpeg
  • 99.9% uptime
  • weekly backup

The annual fee for hosting account is fully accessible.

If your business demands high and you have the need for your own server, please contact us!

Also very important for the visibility of the site is the Domain! We provide our customers the opportunity to register our company in your domain name or company name, also from us you get the advice of a domain name is appropriate, given that the domain name can have a good role in the subsequent optimization of the web site.

It is good to be a domain and hosting within our company because we have the full authority and thus we can provide a full warranty and technical support to the functionality of your website!