Want to know how the web is functioning? You are interested in how to perform optimization and what affect it? Want to know how to manage or monitor the performance of your Google AdWords ads or Facebook advertising? Want to know how to improve your YouTube channel and the effect of the video? Then make an appointment with your individual "coach" we are ready to share our knowledge and experience with you.

Simple and free you just want to know, to be knowledgeable, you can not listen to other fairy tales... fairy tales that you do not understand, but act nice in story! That's right... that is the reason we want to share our knowledge and experience with you to keep you up to date and to identify good deals, or to know whether people who were issued for conducting internet marketing to work on quality manner.

When something you do not know or do not understand it is a big problem ... surely happened to you so far that you have most translated thirsty across the water just because you do not understand what it is you do...

The aim of educating is that if you want and you have the time you can completely manage your own Google AdWords campaign or Facebook advertising, but the primary goal is to understand how something works and to apply the principle of control, since it is your job to do your job, but also to monitor other employees how to treat customers and the company's money. Money is hard to earn and it is foolish to waste it on advertising inappropriate or wrong conceptually positioned website.


What are you going to rub after you pass the process of individual training or attend our courses:

Inserting that:

  1. completely independently to manage your Google campaign
  2. create a functional ads. ads that will draw attention and have a high Quality Score
  3. select appropriate keywords that will trigger your ads
  4. reading reports and in that way calibrate your ads
  5. select target group to show your ads on the network for display advertising
  6. make an interesting banner that will appear on the network for display advertising
  7. manage your YouTube channel and to monitor the effect of the video
  8. create high quality Facebook advertising
  9. creating a quality and interesting Facebook posts
  10. develop a concept for your web site
  11. know that website is optimized on the adequate way

Courses are divided into three groups:

  1. Google AdWords
  2. Facebook
  3. SEO / website optimization

The individual training is coming to your company where you are presented each area individually and where we work with you on specific projects. An individual approach to each client individually means of standard training and consulting services so to speak as we will work together during the training on real projects in which we apply the best practices that lead to concrete and quick results. Individual training is intended for those individuals or companies who can not reconcile their free time with periods of group courses or want more knowledge than that which a group course can provide!

Individual training is done in our or your company, at a time that suits you. Individual training helps you move the wheel that will later turn so you'll quickly begin to independently learn more, and you'll know what's best for your company.

Clients who are away and can not get to our company can schedule online training, that provides a sufficient dose of comfort with an equal opportunity to learn and to have eye contact with your instructor.