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€ + PDV


  • - CMS system
  • - Responsive themed as website design
  • - Hosting, Domein
  • - Creation of up to 8 fixed sides
  • - Responsive picture gallery
  • - Share plugin
  • - Contact form with map location

For who are designed these packeges?

Start package is great for small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs who are expected to only provide information about the activities they perform on there website! This is Ideal for beauty salons, individual offices, a Translation Agency... etc.

Top package is designed for little more demanding users! Anyone who wants a modern and functional design, interaction with users, internet marketing is the person to whom we recommend this package. Top website provides you with an unlimited number of pages, as well as the installation of add-ons that make it easy to regulate the website and communicate with users of the goods or services you provide!

Web shop package is intended for those who wish to sell goods or services through the site in the country or abroad, to receive payment via 2CO or PayPal account. Anyone that has a store, shop, who is involved in wholesale or retail sale, whether it is a boutique, general store, or pharmacy technique, is someone who this website can significantly increase sales, but also a better rating than the competition!

What do I get with buying one of the packages?

You get a high quality web presentation that will certainly greatly affect the growth of business activities. However you get the hosting adapted to the needs of your site, as well as lease or transfer of the domain, and depending on the selected package you will receive a promotional package for advertising site and your company on Google and YouTube.

Website that you’ll get will be flexible for mobile and tablet devices, which will make it easier for navigation and viewing site, and will positively affect the optimization and better ranking than competitive presentations!

We will carry out the installation of CMS and installation of all supplements according to the selected package, insert pictures and text that you provide, create a contact page and activate the site on your domain.

What kind of service do you offer?

We have assembled a team of professionals, people who are specialize in different services in graphic, web design, programming and internet marketing. Our services in this area are complete, absolutely all stages of site development and promotion later, you can end up in one place.

What kind of support did you provided?

We provide you the full support and safety! 24h monitoring of server, weekly data backup, as well as personal support, which will in moments such as the workload and thus the inability to regulate the site as a guide to supplement the content or processing of images, design banners.

Our team is here to monitor and manage your ads, display ads directing where your business will achieve the best results.

So you have the complete support of the migration of files, security and site hosting accounts, support designers as well as support for high-quality placement of advertising messages via the Google network.

Why are websites this cheap?

We deal with internet hosting, software, web design and internet marketing! We have a team that is able to quickly carry out development of the site for your needs. We are making the site almost routine, so to speak, we could do it with our eyes closed. At the moment when you provide a complete material your site can be done in one day, while Top site can be done in two to three days.

To be able to maintain the quality and to be able to maintain this favorable cost of site it is necessary for us before the start of creating website you provide us with complete material! So we do not begin to work on the website before we get all of unnecessary material for the beginning and end of work. The organization of work is the most important, when we were starting more and interrupted work on the same due to lack of material we would not be able to maintain the quality on which many insist is not as cost of our services.

How much do I pay for next year?

Next year, you only pay for service renewal of your hosting account and domain renewal!

Price for renewal hosting packages varies and depends on the extent and site of the package you purchase. Your site will have the kind of hosting package that will ensure the quality of its functioning. So you will not be paying too much for hosting package, if such a package is no need!

You pay only for what you use!

Ca you set up a website to another server?

We can, but the price will not change :(

Resources that your site benefits in the first year you have free to use!


€ + PDV


  • - CMS system
  • - Excellent responsive design
  • - Hosting, domain names and email
  • - Unlimited number of pages
  • - Responsive picture gallery
  • - Google analytics
  • - Click for more informations -
  • - SEO plugin
  • - Share plugin // Easily share content from website with social networks
  • - Integration of Google + recommendations
  • - Integration with social networking site
  • - Weekly Backup
  • - Convert your 10 to 50 euros // promo codes from 40 euros for Google advertising

How am I going to do modifications and amendments of site?

It's simple, CMS is in the Serbian language and very easy to learn in further updating on your site! We have provided a two-hour training that will be more than sufficient to further set yourself!

So it is not necessary to know anything in the field of programming in order to further their own, CMS is simple and designed to be easily accommodated in any update currently defined page.

Can I add new categories on new store?

Of course, the meaning of online shops and eating that you can independently change the prices, stocks, adding new categories and new items and to do it quickly and easily.

You must keep in mind that the online stores as well that you opened a store anywhere. Shop must have a shelf where it will be exposed to commodities and must have seller. Online store is different from standard shops only in so far as it is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but a person who will work on updating and receipt of orders will have their hours and a large number of commitments to own shops flourish. How the vendors needed depends on the volume of sales and the size of the store, so it is in the online shop! If your online store has a large volume and a good sale, it is necessary that on it then works and numerous team, but be sure to shop online saves a lot of money compared to standard shops, and in many cases generate a lot more traffic.

What if you accidentally delete a part of the site?

Our server is configured so that a backup copy of all orders once a week.

If you make mistake, accidentally delete or corrupt the whole site, we can restore a copy of which we have made. Note that a backup copy of your order we make on Sundays at 03h in our local time, which means that the copy to be returned is a copy of the site on that day.

Our advice is that when all the major papers say yourself back up site in your cPanel, then we can restore the latest copy of the site!

Why my site must be responsive?

Your website does not have to be responsive and flexible mobile and tablet devices, but it is our recommendation.

Sites that are accessible to mobile and tablet devices are easier navigation and better performance of non-adaptive version.

The flip side of this is that Google is the new system of indexing sites favors responsive sites in search results.

Are there any hidden costs?

Everything is included in the offer are included in the price so that the concrete package there are no hidden costs. Of course, some elements may be subject to updates and that they are not part of the offer, and therefore are not included in the price. Each package has a defined scope of work, so usually additional charges may be cases where the break is defined scope of work, common examples are:

  • Want to have a greater number of contracted parties
  • Want to completely unique site design
  • Your online store can receive payments through a payment card, which is a provider of payment services that domestic institutions ie. Bank
  • If you want to rent multiple domains
  • You do not have time for designing text for site
  • You have no pictures or need their processing
  • Pictures should be scanned

So it pays to everything that is not defined offer and what is in the description of the operation of personal support!!

Will I be able to upgrade later?

Of course, the site is not something you do once and lasts forever. How is your business evolves so will appear new ideas and new needs that your site must wash. For further service our team for personal support is at your disposal.

Which CMS will be the basis for my site?

We work exclusively Joomla and WordPress, it does not mean that you can not do any other site in the CMS, or to note we can provide a complete guarantee of quality!

Our advice is to contact us as we talk about the needs of your website should have, and so we proposed the best solution! We concentrate on the development of professional web sites, therefore we are very concerned that our work reach a record-breaking achievements.


€ + PDV


  • - Web Shop
  • - Responsive ultra good design
  • - Hosting, domain and email
  • - Supported payment modules (compatible with 2CO, PayPal)
  • - Easy product update
  • - Easy and quick updating price
  • - Click for more informations -
  • - Special offers and promotions
  • - Unlimited number of products
  • - Responsive picture gallery
  • - Google analytics
  • - SEO plugin
  • - Share plugin // Easily share content from website with social networks
  • - Integration of Google + recommendations
  • - Integration with social networks site
  • - Creating your company's Google +
  • - Weekly Backup
  • - Convert its 20 100 euros // promo codes from 80 euros for Google Advertising // 40 euro for search and 40 euros for video advertising // Free the creation of Google AdWords accounts and campaigns for search, display and video advertising on YouTube

Can I change theme of website?

Changing your theme site is generally simple, but it depends on the size of the website and the position of the module that previously had. Essentially, you can change the subject, but this service falls within the personal support!

How do you guarantee the quality of service?

We are all in love with the work we do! Your satisfaction and success of the site is equally emotional experience as your, we love to hear how we provide our knowledge and dedication help your business grow. Money as compensation for our work is essential in order to preserve the quality of the service, but it is not something that we occupied.

The guarantee means that you can contact us if we did not comply with a contractual obligation within 2 months from the completion of works on the site and request a full refund.

The money will be returned in full, except that it will be deducted from the payment of the costs for registration or transfer domain, which is your property!

How to contact personal support?

Personal assistance is always available. The moment you buy a service, we registered e-mail address through which we will communicate. Every mail you send or the ticket with a request for corrections that fall under the personal support services will be examined in detail, after which you will receive a response that will contain information about the price of the required work and the time frame in which the work will be completed.

You have to know that the support is performed exclusively via e-mail or ticket system!

What do you need to strat with the development of the website?

It is necessary to send us an inquiry on we will be answer with telephone call. Our professional will talk with you, listen to what you need and give you advice on what your website should contain, and then you get mail offer that will contain all the information regarding the preparation of the site, and to the scope of work, time intervals and price.

Once you accept an offer forwarded to you pre-invoice for payment. After payment record you can transmit material for website development. When you send us the complete material begin with the production and from that moment begins the running of which is indispensable for the completion of works!

Do you pay the whole amount at once?

No! You never pay the whole amount for website development. All our offer means that you pay 50% as a down payment and confirm that we have agreed on the transaction. After we receive your payment hired or transferred domain, create a hosting account and install CMS, and we do all the preparatory work which is necessary in order after receipt of the material could begin with the preparation of the website.

The second installment, and the other 50% is payable after you finish the web site!

Can you suspend my website?

Of course, if you violate the rules prescribed by our hosting or you not make the payment your account will be suspended! The maximum suspension period is 30 days, and after that period your account is completely removed from the server which means that it removes the complete contents of your site!

If you're often violated hosting rules, we will ask you to migrate your site to another provider, and after completed transferring your account will be terminated!

What's your offer does not include?

The offer does not include all of what is expected to provide us in order to create a site for you:

  • Writing, designing texts
  • Typing text or correction of spelling and grammatical mistakes
  • Translation of the site into another language
  • Entering additional articles or products
  • Imaging and video materials
  • Purchase photos
  • Making banners
  • Additional optimization

Like much of what falls within the personal services of support!



SRB +381 (11) 4140380 USA +1 (917) 267 7758