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€ + TAX


  • - Regular maintenance of website
  • -  Updating website contect (pictures, text) // NO
  • - Updating supplements (plugins) to 5
  • - Support for shop or catalogs// NO
  • - Email support // YES
  • - Telephone support // NO
  • - Weather engaging ON 1 hour / monthly
  • - Additional engagement 10 € / hour

Who are they designed these packages support?

For all those who have a web site and can not allocate enough time for its regular updates! By the way, many updates and include some programming knowledge! Many believe that the update site actually just texts or modification of their amendment or addition of new photos in the gallery context, however, the situation is actually a little different.

The digital world is developing rapidly, creating new platforms and new devices appear to be used to surf the Internet. Your web site must be in line with all the new standards and to be always on the latest version of the CMS using. Upgrading CMS is significant for many reasons, but what are the main updates eliminate existing bugs and address security holes on your site. Thus regular updating CMS Your website will always function properly and be maximally protected from hacker attacks.

If you're wondering what package you should choose, then the answer might be a proposal to us and to consult, as the packages are tailored to the needs of the client. Primarily package selection depends on the number of attachments and components used by your web site, as well as your personal needs and habits of communication!

What does regular maintenance of website means?

Regular maintenance of Joomla or WordPress CMS and their accessories, to ensure stable operation of the site and to strengthen its security, constant monitoring and control of the site.

What do you mean addition of site content (pictures, text)?

Everyone has a need to periodically change information that is contained on the site whether they are in the form of photos or in the form of changes of textual information. Content that can be changed, ie. supplement is in the content that can fit on a single A4 page in font size 12 or amendments galleries, 30 pictures

Ultra package allows two while Total package allows up to six changes per month!

The change takes place within 24 hours from the moment of delivery of materials by mail website@profesionalci.rs not counting weekends or holidays.
Unused changes or other parts of the package can not be transferred to the next month.



€ + TAX


  • - Regular maintenance of the site
  • - Two changes per month on the site content (pictures, text)
  • - Updating supplements (plugins) to 20
  • - Support for sites with a shop // NO
  • - Email support // YES
  • - Telephone support // NO
  • - On time of 3 hours engagement / monthly
  • - Further engagement of 7 € / hour

What does additional update means (plugins)?

This part specifies only the number of allowed additions to your site. The packages are sorted according to customer needs. If your website uses more extras, than the number of functions that can be damaged or not supported by new versions of bigger, so it is necessary to take a package that fits your needs.

What does support for shop or catalog means?

If your site uses some of the most popular components of the online shop or to view a product without online sales as well as in the form of online catalog, then the only available support package does Total.

Your site requires a different approach and stronger monitoring and the way this package allows you and close communication with the operator / designer considering that you can consult online or otherwise be connected via an applications chrome remote.

Why did you separate the e-mail support and phone support?

In order to provide you with the support you need to get a request via e-mail, as order for your and our records evidence had written record of the operations carried out.

Telephone support is not designed for lower packages and priority given to a less extensive websites are not the same as with the websites that sell the goods through the Internet! Telephone support is allowed for larger and more extensive sites to sometimes rapid advice of our experts would be sufficient to quickly solve the problem. Also via remote Chrome apps our expert can access your computer and give you support so you will be easier to reproduce the problem!

Of course, the owners, fewer obnimnih sites can purchase a subscription to Total support, if they consider that this type of communication and support friendly!


€ + TAX


  • - Regular maintenance of the site
  • - Six month changes to the site content (pictures, text)
  • - Updating supplements (plugins) to 30
  • - Support for sites with a shop // YES
  • - Email support // YES
  • - Telephone support// YES
  • - On the weather engagement 4 hours / monthly
  • - Further engagement of 5 € / hour

What does included weather on engagement means and involvement of extra time?

Weather engagement is used to support either the weather is included or additional charged.

On the time of engagement is the time that is included in the price of the monthly subscription of individual packages!

In what period can I buy support?

Support is paid monthly or purchased for a period of one year.

If you choose to purchase any of the offered package during the restoration hosting package provides a 15% discount to the stated price of the package!

How do you count time of engagement?

Weather engagement depends on the assessment of operators, who will be the first to inform about the estimated time, or after performing your request, you will receive a response to the email you sent in of real-time engagement utilized:

Approximate time of engagement for the most common cases is:

- Implementation of Google Analytics statistics on the site from 10 to 20 minutes
- Edit text and / or images on the site, adding or removing pages, etc. from 15 minutes and more,
- Installation and configuration of the plugin for WordPress or Joomla site from 15 to 120 minutes
- Analysis and cleaning hacked site of the malicious code from 30 to 240 minutes

Do you provide quick and easy support without subscriptions?

Of course! You can read more about personal support by clicking on the following link // personal support //



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