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Sa prolećem iza ugla vreme je da se radujemo sunčanim nebom i letnjim odmorom. Da li ste znali da sada možete da razgledate i planirate vaše putovanje, u kafiću dok ispijate kafu i imate apsolutno sve informacije u dlanu?! Naime, Google je u toku prošle godine prema zvaničnim podacima na njihovom pretraživaču "google.com" video ogroman porast od 50 odsto vezan za upit "putovanja" koji je postavljan sa pretraživača putem mobilnih uređaja, čak i da broj upita raste teško je dobiti prave informacije preko upita sa mobilnog telefona, budući da mnogi web sajtovi nisu potpuno prilagodljivi mobilnim i tablet uređajima. Postoji mnogi niz pitanja: Koja su najbolja mesta za odmor? Koje godišnje doba je najbolje za odlazak u određenu državu? itd.

Sa sigurnošću možemo da predstavimo nešto NOVO: Google odredišta (Google destination) koje mogu da vam olakšaju u planiranju vašeg odlaska na odmor pravo iz Google pretraživača.

Evo kako funkcioniše:

Kada pretražujete određenu zemlju, državu ili kontinent putem mobilnog uređaja potrebno je samo dodati pored željene destinacije ključnu reč "odredište" ("destination") i videćete jednostavan način pregleda odredišta. Destination (odredište) integriše sa lakoćom sve destinacije na svetu sa letovima i hotelima tako da lako možete da pogledate cene letova i hotelskog smeštaja. Dakle umesto obilaženja mnogobrojnih linkova koji nisu prilagodljivi mobilnim i tablet uređajima kako bi dobili potrebne informacije sada se možete opustiti uz kafu i sa lakoćom razledati destinacije.

 Google oglasavanje

If you asked, what do you need to advertise on Google, then this is the article you should read!

The first thing that should be answered is whether the advertising you need to do? I personally believe that there is no industry that does not need to advertise, except that advertise products or activities that are permitted by any law or has restrictions that may be advertised. For example cigarette advertising is not permitted by law, or because you go to any store you have over each pulp advertisement for some cigarettes, there for everyone reaches the consumer with a message he wants to send him. This means that if you do by any activity or offer services, such as we do it, or sell some merchandise, then posts the goods or service has to find a quick way to potential customers!

Now the conclusion may be that the advertising is still unnecessary, even if you want that your commercial is only a recommendation... Google is offering you the recommendation to reach new customers. How and in what way we can we help, find out in text below.

Before you continue reading, keep in mind that we are available for you, to make new campaign brought potential customers to you, and we are here and to give you a gift promotional credit in the amount of *60 euros :) if you want to run on your own account.


The big change in the Google search starts today!

Many of you who in recent days received mail by Google with information to adjust their sites and adapt them for mobile and tablet devices since it will change 04/21/2015 Google search algorithm were mildly shocked, more precisely, were shocked by those who realized that if you do not make changes today to its ancient sites can significantly compromise the position that until now these sites have in organic search! Millions of sites around the world who have had a good position now will be threatened!

Why are Google ads even paying?

Many companies are investing big money in SEO website optimization, which brings them a good position in the organic search results, however, the question arises, is the good optimization and sufficient enough? When you do optimization, that means that target of keywords, target of description and title page of the site, regardless of other necessary activities, have a description of who is first in line with the side you work optimization, and other such description is what it is and it is not desirable to change as long as it is not disturbed position of your site. When but you can not change this meta descriptions, how can you say to those who seek you on Google search that you have an action that implies for example. discount on the service or specific price that your service or goods apart from the competition!

You've probably heard that your site needs to adapt to mobile and tablet devices, what does it mean and why is it necessary?

The technique, as well as the way of using the internet is very advanced and we can easily say completely changed from a year or two ago. What will happen in a year or two, we can only surmise, but it seems like a safe bet to say that smartphones more quickly develop and that the internet is likely to adjust the market!

Web sajt prilagodljiv mobilnim i tablet uredjaima

Video background of website as trend is the successor to the trend of the picture in full screen as a background. Earlier, the limitations of older browsers and slow loading of Flash videos prevented the smooth implementation of video background site. Today, new browsers are free to play videos without any problems and slowing down the site. Furthermore, new technologies such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript are different techniques and contributed to videos and animations smoother and easier to load.

Web sites do not have to be static all the time. With advancing technology it is now possible to implement video as wallpaper easily and quickly - thanks to HTML5.

Large images in the background have already become an integral part of every Web design. Yet it is often seen as trivial matters. Despite this, the designers do not give up on this trend. They try to be the best way to improve their sites with new elements, one of which is video (animated) content.



I am Vladimir Đenić, certified Google AdWords associate of the company WSD SISTEM doo, which is a Google certified partner. Our web site called profesionalci.rswas launched to help all those who are crying out for a quality internet marketing service. We are professionals, we know what you need in the field of web marketing and website development. This offer is made, because I know that because of the great responsibilities which you have, taking care of their business, it is not always possible to keep up with new technologies and advanced internet marketing.

If you have an old Joomla web site, made more than a year, it is likely that the need to complete the update. How Joomla releases new versions of the CMS, so for some older versions cease support stops.

What does it mean?

This means that if you do not update ovals to time there are serious security risks to which your site is exposed. You will not be able to install a more recent additions that are needed, but they are not made for older versions of Joomla!. With all this, add that developers will no longer deal with the elimination of errors in the system and we'll get to the conclusion that it is necessary to update the Joomla-in on time.

Being a Google partner means that Google believes to that company!
On Google's official website www.google.com/partners is advice for potential advertisers, why they should choose Google Certified Partner as an agency to take care of their campaigns on the Internet.



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